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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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warm-up is also in the forecast. so jeremy reineis here to break it all down. i guess we gotta talk about the bad stuff but the good stuff is coming. >> that is correct. we have the rain at this time. the timing stinks because it is during the evening commute. right now in the city of boston, just a couple pockets of drizzle but there is steadier rain metro west, worcester hills, merrimack valley. quickly sweeps northeast, also down south of the pike. this band of steady rainfall works over 95, 24 and then finds a home on the south shore over the next one to you two hours. but again it's rain. we're not concerned about snow or ice overnight tonight. there are some leftover colder pockets of air in the worcester hills with some locations reporting a little bit of freezing rain and freezing drizzle. but even in these locations this warm front will blast through southern new england and then the temps will drop quickly later this evening. into the 50s. the problem with that warmer air that will allow stronger winds, which are up in the clouds right now and not able to come down to the ground, to find their way to the ground.
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through the day tomorrow. winds will gust overnight tonight and tomorrow morning and again tomorrow afternoon between 40 and 50 miles per hour. and also with the rain, that will be a bit of an issue later tonight, early tomorrow morning. but it's a warm day. temps tomorrow morning will be in the upper 50s. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> jr, thank you. so the system that's bringing us the rain is really bad down south. it's causing devastating damage. tornadoes hitting several states. and we'll have the latest on the clean-up efforts and damage reports there just a few minutes. before we get to that, some breaking news out of everett we wanted to share with you, officials have stop odd construction of the new casino, the wynn everett resort has been in the works for months now but an official ground breaking set for april, looks like the project is on hold, the ground happen. >> there's a few going on with the mayor of somerville on one side. breaking story.
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byron barnett is in somerville. let's get started with john who's in everett right know. >> this 33 acre site is being prepped right now for the opening of a fifth star casino that's supposed to happen in 2018. but now as you say it's being delayed by this appeal, filed by the city of somerville. today wynn experts brought in politicians, labor leaders to conference which felt like a political rally. >> reporter: more pressure than a high stakes bet, one mayor's message to another. >> mayor curtatone, there's thousands of people that would come to your office if you need them to come. and if you want us all to come, we will come there and ask that you just cut it out. >> reporter: everett's mayor pressuring his counterpart across the mystic river in somerville to drop his opposition to the new 1.7 billion casino scheduled to open in 2018. 4,000 construction jobs are on hold as is the april ground breaking and several jobs fairs.
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we've had enough of them. we want to go to work. >> please stop doing this stuff to us. get this thing progress. >> reporter: why would somerville file an appeal to wynn's environmental permit to stall the project? wynn everett's president says he can't be sure of the motivations but... >> sometimes when somebody says it's not about the money, it's about the money records somerville and wynn everett 20 to arbitration and signed a deal guarantying the city's $650,000 in annual payments while the mayor wants more than double that. >> i'm happy to talk to the mayor, however, i'm not willing to re-open a signed surrounding community agreement that was negotiated with an arbitration process among the job fairs canceled, one in somerville. a hiring freeze is in place but
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they could lose hundreds of millions if the day started last year. all right, let's go out to byron barnett now. >> yeah, defiant somerville mayor came out firing against the wynn casino team, saying it's not about the money. he says he's just doing his job of protecting the health and environment of somerville residents. now, somerville mayor joe curtatone says traffic is one of his biggest concerns and says the wynn casino will put 18,000 more cars on to the streets, punching tons of exhaust into the air and threatening the health of city residents and he says the city will not back down from five environmental lawsuits its filed against the project. he says wynn must come up with a traffic mitigation plan before the casino can move forward. >> no amount of political theater and public harassment
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mayor of somerville from doing my job and advocating for the health and well-being of the residents of our community, the city of somerville. well, mayor curtatone says he wants jobs for his residents as much as everyone else does, but not at the expense of the health environment of his constituents. as for that arbitration agreement, he says that agreement did not address the city's environmental concerns. he says that he's not holding -- he is not the one holding up the casino project. he says it's the wynn casino team and says he wants them to give him a call. that's the latest live from somerville, i'm byron barnett, 7news. police have found the missing mother from holbrooke and she's safe. judith sales last seen leaving her job in taunton on monday.
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7's kimberly bookman is live with some of the breaking details for us. >> yeah. someone in connecticut recognized this mom's car from media reports and immediately called 911. that's when police arrived at a mall called the crystal mall in waterford connecticut. judy sales was not in the car at the time but they stayed and able to locate her when she got back to the car from the shopping plaza. the holbrooke mom was in good health but requested to go to the hospital. she was last heard from monday at 3:00 p.m. when she left work in taunton to pick up her son at daycare but never showed up. today her husband clifford was notified by detectives that she was found and left the holbrooke home to head to connecticut and reunite with her. the dumb's son is currently with residents. police here in hoe brook say they have not spoken to the missing mom so don't know anything about the circumstances that led to her disappearance.
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a cambridge officer on administrative leave has allegedly been cited. the 28-year-old officer was off duty at the time, the woman was rushed to the hospital and since been released when he ran into her. a man under arrest after falling flat on his face during a field sobriety next way hoth moth. police say he is the one responsible for a chain-reaction crash that seriously injured a man who was walking on the side of the road. 7's dan hausle joins us with what else we've learned about that driver. dan. >> well, ann, the arraignment was just here in the southshore hospital. prosecutors said the suspect's equivalent blood alcohol level was 3.6. tonight i talk to the suspect's mother who tells me she's thinking about the victims in this case and what may be yiend her son's alleged actions. >> reporter: thomas mohan arraigned in his hospital bed charged with drunk driving in
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that left a weymouth man with life-threatening injuries. >> he surgery to repair a collapsed diaphragm and aorta. he is still in critical condition at this time. >> reporter: mohan caught on video taking a sobriety test after the crash and falling to the street. >> he then began to ask what was going on and stated that he had no recollection of the crash or why he was under arrest. >> i feel sick. sick over the whole thing. >> reporter: his mother tells me she's thinking about the victims of her son's alleged drunk driving and those who could have been visibilities. >> i'm sick and worried about the other person, you know. i'm so worried. i mean, god,. >> reporter: police say mohan was drunk just after noon monday when the van he was driving ran into a pickup truck and then ran down a 39-year-old man. prosecutors say mohan broke his
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pneumonia keeping him in the hospital but not keeping him from facing charges. >> he was just going through a lot of depression, you know. just -- he was going through a hard time, family issues. >> and a judge be set the bail at $15,000 in connection with the accident. even if he gets out of the hospital, he won't go free. he was also ordered held without bail in connection with an unrelated case down in hingham. dan hausle, 7news. south. a string of violent storms spotting tornadoes, leaving behind trail of destruction from the louisiana over to florida. dead. authorities say two people have died in virginia as a result of the storm. drug video from northern florida shows the damage when a tornado ripped there you a two mile path they pensacola.
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cars and ripped up trees. crews are working on starting the process and try to regain power. the storm left some sinking sinking in deep holes and others flipped over and just destroyed. in another town in louisiana, high winds pulled off the side behind. the debris was scattered all over the parking lot. workers will begin cleaning up begin in all of these states and officials are working overtime to get everyone the resources they need. >> all of us would say our heart this. can't imagine going through this with your family, with your children. but we're going to continue to assess the damage and get patio people back to living their lives as quickly as we can. >> in total, officials reported more than a dozen tornadoes across the region. today the storms are hitting the
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and tornado watches have been posted in those areas and as far north as new jersey. now to the latest ofest on the race for the white house. donald trump finishing first again and now political insiders are saying he's definitely the one to beat. trump winning the g.o.p. nevada caucuses last night and with super ties, less than a week away he is ahead in nearly every say the. marco rubio and ted oh rube control -- >> reporter: donald trump today embraced by evangelical high conpat rob bestson. trump took the evangelical vote last night in his landslide win in nevada and be sent a message to ted cruz and marco rubio. >> 46% were the hames. 46%. number one opinion.
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he can still win. >> if it came down to me and donald trump i'd beat him by almost 15 points. >> but cruz is not quitting, nor is john saysic. >> forget about it. forget about it. >> six days away is super tuesday, donald trump leaving 10 states and focusing on texas. trump played his family card saying the boys grew up with billions but good trump values. >> education, family, work ht, i, all of these things that are already providedded for children who are less fortunate. >> he treats me the same as men. >> reporter: and in south carolina, democrat mccain is look for another win. bernie sanders figures he can win four or more super tuesday primaries. >> the race goat on and this is
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sanderser is still possible. for moat better, exeaning, going all out. and coming up, political editor weighs in on trump and his shot at the oval office. don't miss the hiller instinct at 5:30. >> new details in apple's fight against the fbi. the tech company now wants congress, not the courts, to decide whether it should be forced to open an iphone that belonged so one of the san bernardino terrorists. this comes as a newly unsealed court document shows it's not the only phone the government it. according to the letter, the company refused 10 of 12 requests. i want to get into an iphone owned by syed farouk in december, he killed 14 people. yesterday protestors in boston and in fact all across the country gathered in front of apple stores to show their
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apple says if their experts help unlock the phone, it would be an unprecedented breach of public privacy and could have international implications. coming up on 7news, things get heated, literally. inside a kentucky communities store. >> a man's pocket bursting into flames. what caused this unusual problem. and then the fate of kennedy cousin michael skakel now in the hands of cesk connect's superior court. will a murder conviction being reinstated. >> and snakes on an island, the details to place endangered rattlesnakes on the island in the middle of a massachusetts res sawyer. and then in just one hour, a proceed got. look at that guy. it's whiching the web with life like be sabilities. and we're following breaking news out of everett where officials have stopped construction on a multiple million-dollar resort casino all because of a feud with the mayor of somerville.
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and all, bring i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential...
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hamilton struggle to get off of his burning pants and says he wasn't sure what was going on. the passerby grabs a extinguisher. hamilton goes into a restaurant to check out husband burns and
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the hospital. the man suffered second-degree burns went to the hospital and has been treated and released. coming up next, a shake-up on social media. facebook easy like button has just got a lot more expressive. >> interesting. >> we are talking about rain and wind overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. forecast up next. then at 5:30, shelfing a hot
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facebook making a big change, expanding its users' ability to react to something on their news feeds. the social networking site used to have only a thumbs-up button if you wanted to like something and now have you an option. you move your mouse over the thumbs-up button and you can choose from like, love, haha, wow, sad or angry. unless one of those smiley faces has botox. and then there's no expression. new options are available worldwide. you can check it out.
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botox one. >> i'm a weird dude. >> i still haven't figured out what poke is on facebook. we've got rain around the metro and it will pick up in intensity once again in the city. we've got steady rain, wellesey, hopkinton, stoughton, as well as the southshore and downtown boston. later tonight and early tomorrow morning with each continuing wave of rain that wakes up from the mid atlantic states begins to really with a up and that will start to crank up the wind. the amount of rainfall about a half an inch to an inch of rain in some locations from this symptom system right here. this is making headlines all day as well as yesterday with numerous reports of severe thunderstorms. look at the reports, going back to yesterday at this time, again, they were focused down through here last night and the
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through the mid atlantic states, carolina and virginia. the storm system and wind energy works up into new england. i'm not concerned about severe thunderstorms or tornadoes but the storm itself is still passing overhead. it's weakening but there's still a lot of leftover wind energy and because of that, we do have a wind advisory in affect later tonight and through the day tomorrow. even when the last raindrops move out of town tomorrow morning around 8:00. winds will gust between 40 and 50 miles per hour down along the south coast, the cape as well as the southshore, gusting 45 to 55 miles per hour and that might lead to minor tree damage or minor power disruption, as well. so be mindful of that late tonight and tomorrow morning. make sure the alarm clock's got a back-up just in case. windy and warm through the day tomorrow with an early shower. temps tomorrow morning for the morning commute warm, close to 60 degrees tomorrow morning, and
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settle back into the lower 50s by mid afternoon. so tomorrow afternoon, it's a windy day with a mix of clouds and sunshine. tomorrow afternoon, the temp around 56 in boston, dracut at 63. the monadnock region late in the day tomorrow, cooler. jaffery and keene upper 40s for tomorrow afternoon. for february, still way above normal. >> saturday morning is actually cold, a rarity for this one. saturday afternoon, near 40 monday. we're going to warm it back up. temps late this weekend early next week, mid-50s. stay right there for 15 30, because that little girl is 9 years old.
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as alts nice to be with you on a wednesday. >> yes. >> i'm adam williams, i'm kim khazei. 7news at 5:30 starts right now. >> tracking showers and downpours during the evening commute. >> a new england judge weighs the answer to a key question about a kennedy cousin convicted of murder of. >> and why the state wants to fill a local island with venomous snakes. >> a wet wednesday with rain sticking around throughout the night and the rain won't be our only problem.
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gusts of wind that will make it a rough and raw night. let's check the conditions right now with meterologists jeremy reiner. >> on the doppler radar last night snow, tonight rain. and some is locally heavy. right now in the city of boston down through metro west, 128, that's a slow go. the yellow pockets indicates the heavier rain moving through natick approaching weymouth and braintree and south of town, move dense, the 95 corridor, this two weeks up through southeast mass and catches up with you on the south shore. on and off rain this evening and we'll have that continuing overnight tonight. there's more rain down the eastern seaboard and this is the same storm that led to severe weather last night through portions of the gulf coast and it's doing it again right now through the middle atlantic states. i'm not concerned about severe weather but there will be leftover wind energy from the storm. at midnight tonight, some scattered showers around metro boston but this yellow and


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